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Ceiling Light

Modern or classic ceiling lights, featuring design and technology

The ceiling light, of round, square or rectangular shape has always been, It was used to mainly light bathrooms and corridors. With new forms and new technologies, or with innovative designs and advanced technologies that also use LED light diffusers, ceiling lights have taken on a role and importance like chandeliers. The ceiling lights for & ograve; they differ from chandeliers because they are apply directly to the ceiling and for this reason they are also called " ceiling lamps ".

Therefore, the ceiling light today the furnishing accessory for lighting for every type of need, it becomes a universal solution that adapts to every housing need, both for domestic and professional environments. While remaining essential and simple lighting elements, they offer a discreet decorative appearance.

Wide selection with a catalog full of offers

Chandeliers Besanza offers a wide range of ceiling lights with unique design, functional, colorful and energy-saving with LED , ceiling spotlights very bright and very discreet. Furthermore, in our catalog there are art creations for ceiling lighting also in Murano glass . Ceiling chandeliers or ceiling lamps more and more sought to improve decorative aspects and to complete particularly refined furnishings.

Different lines and styles, this is why the ceiling lights offered in our catalog are divided by style and by ease; of choice according to your needs: all ceiling lights, classic ceiling lights, modern ceiling lights.

The ceiling lights in our catalog come from a selection of products made by the best Italian and foreign brands. The sober and simple shapes, with a refined, particular and minimal design, where chandeliers and ceiling lights with combined variants of colors and from the research of materials and elements always more equal; innovative with a timeless design, where lights and colors come together in harmony with the purpose of making the environment where they are applied special. All the proposed Ceiling Lights are produced in Italy and offer a style that represents a further strong point. Many of our proposals are elements of such beauty that they become an essential furnishing complement.

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