Eccentric Ceiling Light

    Produttore Toplight

    Eccentric Plafoniera
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    Eccentric Ceiling Light by Toplight
    Collection of square lamps made up of metal plates painted in different finishes. There are two basic components: one with light source (1156 / 1L) and one decorative only (1156 / 1D). These components can be assembled together to create infinite shapes and color mixes. For convenience, some pre-composed kits with dedicated code are offered. As a modular collection, this collection is suitable for solving decentralization problems between the light point and the area to be illuminated. Another strong point of the product consists in not using integrated LEDs but a Gx53 bulb which, once mounted, reaches flush with the metal plate and can be easily replaced from the outside.The series is completed by a wide range of wall lamps .
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    Paese di ProduzioneItalia
    Classe EnergeticaA+
    Tempi di Consegna7 GIORNI LAVORATIVI
    Peso Reale1 kg
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