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Spotlights, discreet lighting

Spotlights: small and discreet, recessed or external; they are the lighting systems that best make the light in the atmosphere. They can diffuse particular lighting effects, if used to highlight specific areas of the environment, they are able to create light effects where they sometimes give importance to objects and at other times create relaxing and pleasant atmospheres.

The spotlights, in addition to the creative and decorative aspect, also have an extremely functional function, direct lighting, such as night support for passage areas such as corridors or staircases, or help for work tables and wardrobes. Many models of spotlights are adjustable, this function helps to better manage individual needs.


How to fix the spotlights

The difference in the installation of spotlights with other lighting systems such as chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lights or wall lamps, presents a level of superior knowledge. The installation requires a lot of attention, but to avoid problems and make mistakes it could be necessary to ask for the intervention of a specialized technician.

Many models of spotlights can be installed on the ceiling using mounting brackets or rail systems. Important always follow the manufacturer's instructions and use dowels and screws that comply with the model and type of ceiling.


Driver and dimmer for spotlights

The driver allows the spotlights to be connected directly to the 230 volt mains. Most of the spotlights come with a driver, which is normally incorporated into the connection box while keeping the space limited, remaining invisible. Likewise, many spotlights may also have the option of a dimmer which helps manage the diffusion of light making the environment pleasant. All ideal solutions to create a pleasant aesthetic in line with the design of the environment to be illuminated as well as practical and functional.


Many models of spotlights for many solutions

The vast variety of spotlights on the market differ not only in style and design, but also in the materials most used for their realization. There are models of wall, ceiling or table spotlights; spotlights with joints and adjustable. Each type is therefore made of different materials such as: metal in its various forms, glass, crystal and plaster.

With such a wide variety of models it is easy to meet every single need, many solutions for any environment: modern, contemporary, but also classic and rustic. But in particular we can differentiate by type of use: invisible spotlights, recessed spotlights, outdoor spotlights.

Chandeliers Besanza offers a wide variety of spotlights, of the best brands. Many solutions to satisfy every kind of need, for taste or style to complete on the basis of the furnishing design, therefore suitable for domestic and professional environments.

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